Welcome to

Hounslow Consortium.

We’re here to:

  • Enable general practice to be as efficient and as a responsive as possible.  Whether we carry out activities, or find ways to make them easier to manage, our priority is to give our GP surgeries and PCNs more headspace to focus on their patients, their staff and the operational running of their service.
  • Make sure general practice is embedded into the wider health and social care landscape.  We want our GP teams to have easier access to specialist skills, through better awareness, relationships, and pathways with other services. Plus, we want to ensure general practice has a clear voice in local decision making, so that when services transform, they reflect the central role of the GP alongside the patient.

A Doctor Taking Patient's Blood Pressure


If you’re a patient in Hounslow and would like more information on services provided by Primary Care Networks, you can find out more here.